About Me
I've been a maker all my life. From award winning cakes at my primary school fete to photography and watercolour in my last years of school. Through it all I was primary a writer, even completing the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing in the early 00s. Since then I've working in many industries and even had my own small business in handmade jewellery for a while. Starting with Lego jewellery I was always working on new things and by the time I wrapped the business up I was chainmailling and silversmithing.

After that, I focused on work and married life. Taking up knitting again and of course I found myself pushing my limits in techniques and design. After my son was born, I found myself picking up the pen again. So, finally in 2020 my ideas and experience cumulated into the release of my first knitting designs and my children's picture book, 'Where is BaaBaa?'.

Next on the agenda are some novellas and novels in the fantasy and science fiction genres, a few more children's books and many, many knit design ideas.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the vast interwebs. Please enjoy your stay and if you want to contact me, please do. Or, you can always follow me on social media.

Click here to purchase "Where is BaaBaa?"